Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The keys to less clutter and healthy living in 2010

Happy New Year in. Wellness!

I've missed you! I hope you'll forgive my absence. I needed some time off. Plus, today is my birthday, so you can't be mad at me!

I actually can't say that I have been relaxing much in my time off, mostly B and I have been hard at work. The week between X-mas & New Years was spent doing a full-on deep cleaning of the apartment. No corner went unexplored.

It's a pretty humbling thing to do a big clean like this. It forces you to realize that you are living with heaps and heaps of what is essentially garbage.

Here is a picture of all the old keys I found.

Mind you I have no idea what door any of these keys actually open. Some of them were in the house when I bought it, and I have been holding on to them, imagining they might become relevant at some point.

We got rid of some stuff.

We're talking bags and bags of stuff.  Books, clothes, knick knacks, kitchen utensils, old papers...

It can be hard to throw things away, especially if you are sentimentally inclined like B & I. Something as simple as a mug can carry tremendous meaning.  One of my biggest problems is thinking that somehow, someday, I will eventually need said thing or piece of clothing.  I think, "I might eventually want to use that small box to hold rubber bands in!" or "I'll totally wear this old, torn cashmere sweater around the house on a cozy Sunday."

But what you gain in holding on to things, you lose in having a cluttered, congested home.

Here are some of the rules and techniques we used to guide us in our purge:

1. If you haven't used it in a year, it goes. If you aren't using it now, it's highly unlikely you will use it in the future. You can always buy another one if the need does arise.
2. Everything in your home should fall into two categories: useful things and beautiful things. If it's not either, out with it.
3. If you come across something sentimental but you know in your gut it is not worth saving, blow it a kiss (we literally did this) and send it on it's way.
4. Rather than immediately throwing things away, start by just making piles: Trash, maybe trash, donations, re-gifts, etc.  Once you get started and see how good it feels to get rid of things, the stuff from the "maybe trash" pile will sneak its way into the trash pile.
5. Remember, these are just things. We imbue them with meaning, but at the end of the day, they really don't matter. The space you clear up in your home will help you clear up space in your mind, in your lungs, and in your heart.  Space in which you can be more creative and spirited with your life's endeavors, you know, the stuff that really matters. 

Happy cleaning everyone!

in. Wellness women readers who live in NYC, this next part is for you!

Speaking of getting rid of junk, here's the invite from the Facebook launch I did for an upcoming event I'm hosting, and I'd love for you to join in:

First Annual January Shake Off!

Bugger.  I seem to have somehow done it again. I made it through the holidays without over-indulging but then the past week did me in.

Chocolates… late night eating… popcorn at the movies…

I was on vacation. So sue me!

But now the fun and indulging has left me feeling not at home in my body. My clothes don't fit right, and I had a few cringe moments while looking at pictures of myself from a recent party I attended.

Oh, also, I need to floss more.

I know I am not alone. From talking to others, I have heard grumblings about getting out of sync with weekly workouts, wanting to quit sugar, or watch less TV. Let’s face it, it’s hard to stay healthy through the winter months.

I am not a fan of self-loathing. I know it doesn’t lead anywhere good.

However, I am a fan of putting care and attention towards being healthy and happy, and sometimes that means a little tough love.

If I am honest with myself, I know I have picked up a few unhealthy habits recently that I am ready to Shake Off.

Want to join me?

Announcing, the 1st annual in. Wellness January Shake off! For the next 4 weeks I am going to be opening my doors! Come and join this women-only group as we bond, share, learn and inspire each other to get back on track (or stay on track) with our health goals. From losing weight, to work/life balance, whatever your goal is, you’ll find support here.

Each week you will get to:
• Set goals and be held accountable in a supportive environment
• Receive wholesome recipes and tips for healthy living
• Take part in fun activities that will give you insight into yourself
• Share your challenges and progress

When: 7pm-8pm

4 Tuesdays starting Jan 12th – Feb. 2nd (Come to one or come to all!)

Please invite your women friends to join!

$10 per evening. Bring a friend and get a special 2 for $12 rate.

Please RSVP  to

Light refreshments will be served.

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