Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Long Lost Me

Hello Hello!!!

Let's tear down these cobwebs, dust off the chairs, and sit down for a chat!

I feel the urge to apologize for disappearing for so long, but I really needed the time away and am working on not apologizing for taking care of my needs.

That being said, I can say that I have really missed writing this blog and am excited to be back right now!

It's been a fun-filled few weeks. I spent some time with my family in Cape Cod and B and I  finalized a lot of the wedding preparations. The big day is Septmeber 5th! Planning has actually been a really fun, creative process, with just a peppering of emotional breakdowns, so I think I am doing pretty good!

In addition to wedding planning, I have been busy expanding my wellness coaching practice.

I am very exited to report that soon in wellness is going to be packing it's bags and venturing to a new virtual home!  The new blog will be integrated with my web page, so it will be a one stop shop! I  will send along all the important details soon. And don't worry, for those of you that get email updates about new blog posts, you won't have to do a thing.

In other exciting developments.... I have a new office space. This picture doesn't exactly capture it, it's actually bigger than it looks,  but it gives you an idea.

I've been seeing clients there for about a month and it feels amazing. Very zen. It's really helped to have a home for my practice. It helps me to separate work from life, and carve out time for work and for relaxation, which I've needed.

So, this was just a quick hello to "get back on the horse".  I promise to be posting more frequently in the next few weeks.

Here's a sneak peak at some upcoming posts that I am already working on:

1. What I've been Eating: I've been collecting pictures and recipes from recent meals that I've made and will share very soon.

2. The Big Move! My first post from the new site.

3. Another edition of Cart & Soul

Stay tuned...

Going in...  would love to hear what's new and exciting for you! Make sure to leave a comment with an update...


  1. so glad to have you back (via the blog)!! can't wait to see the new site and posts. if you have any ideas on how to keep active in the heat, i would love to hear it! i was hoping to train for a triathlon, but besides from not really knowing how to swim, it's too hot to run or bike! even in the early morning, it's just too gross.

    i'm eagerly awaiting your next post!

  2. Hi Sarah! Wow! A triathlon. That's most impressive.
    I think the only thing to do with this heat is just embrace it. If you stay super hydrated, and just take the running slow, you may find that you can actually run outside.
    I've been doing a lot of yoga in a non-airconditioned space and I've actually really been enjoying the crazy sweating. I just make sure to take rests when I need them.
    As an alternative, of course there is the gym...

  3. your new office space looks amazing. i've never seen it with all the stuff in it. glad to see you are back on your horse and I am proud of you for sending this post even though your editor is on vacation with his family. i love you.


  4. RE: ways to handle the heat. I recommend vomiting. It really seems to help.