Thursday, February 18, 2010

Notes from the sickie ward

I work three days a week as a Social Worker in a public high school here in Brooklyn.This past week was school vacation. Besides the simple joy of working with teenagers, the vacation schedule is one of the best aspects of working in a school.

I am sad to report that my precious vacation, with its promise of time to focus on my business and upcoming workshops, organize my home, do yoga, and gain a sense of total well-being, has been lost to endless hours of sniffling and groaning in bed.

The 5 Things I learned from Being Sick:

1. I don't like being sick.

2. Lost is a supremely addicting show.

3. B can be a wonderful caretaker. In my sickness, he also realized how little he goes food shopping and has vowed to do it more. 4 days of sickness = domestic bliss. Worth it!

4. Though natural remedies are normally my go-to, Nyquil is pretty freaking awesome.

5. Planning a wedding + too much time on my hands = addiction to Style Me Pretty blog = who am I?
Since I don't have the mental wherewithal to write a proper post this week, I thought I would share a few of the interesting articles I have come across in the past month or so:

1. Confused about what to eat? This post from Marion Nestle should clear things up.
2. I was so moved and inspired by this guest post by Mary Jaksch on the great blog Zen Habits.
3.  If you haven't read this NY Times article about  Cavemen in the City you must...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on any or all! Also welcome are your go-to remedies for treating a cold/sinus infections (I'm still not totally out of the woods . . .) . . .

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  1. thanks for sharing the cavemen article! the thought of eating exclusively raw grass-fed ground beef is pretty horrifying to me, but to each their own...

    i swear by zicam, but you have to start taking it right when you start feeling sick. if you start taking it later it will reduce the number of days you are sick, but you will still have to suffer through. i think coldees are pretty much the same - it's just a lot of zinc. i hope you feel better very soon!!